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Assortment / Pellets

What are pellets?

Pellets are a compressed biomass fuel, they are a renewable energy source and environment friendly. They are an alternative to wood heating in winter months.

Advantages to pellets over wood:
  • Very small water share (8%) in comparison to 18 month old wood (15%)
  • Large caloric value
  • Cleaner burn with little ash
  • Easier to store and use
  • Price stability


Product parameters are measured trough-out the production process to meet the required demands Materials and the final product are conducted to an internal test in the manufacturers quality control center. The controls are a mandatory step in the manufacturing process and they are done to keep the product quality up to a standard and to satisfy the strict european norms.

Norm: ENplus A2

Norm ENplus is the only official norm in the whole European Union and it is a proof of pellet quality. It is separated into 3 classes (A2, A1 and B) where A2 is the most advanced.

Packaging and characteristics

Package: Pellets are packed in 15kg bags for easier storage and usage. One pallet contains 72 bags - 1080kg.

  • Length (mm): 31,5 - 40
  • Diameter (mm): 6
  • Humidity: < 8%
  • Caloric value: 5,5 kWh/kg
  • Ash share: < 1,1%

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