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Assortment / Polypropylene fibers

Polypropylene fibers are used to improve the quality of concrete, mortar and screed, and to reduce cracks and damage caused by tightening of concrete.
They are packed in paper bags from 600 to 900 gr which are used for 1 m3 concrete ( 1 bag = 1 m3 concrete)

  • environmentally friendly product
  • absolutely inert and stable fiber, no corrosion
  • chemically neutral for all cements and accessories
  • has a high resistance to alkalines
  • not magnetic
  • antistatic
  • indefinite product lifetime
  • to improve all the important properties of concrete, mortar and screed
  • significantly reduce the formation of cracks due to shrinkage of cement binder
  • they increase compressive strenght, flexural-tensile strenght and firmness to splitting
  • they increase the water holding capacity of fresh concrete and screed
  • they increase water impermeability
  • they increase resistance to freezing and thawing cycles
  • they increase the wear resistance of the upper surface and the impact resistance
  • they increase the fire resistance
  • they reduce damage, and therefore the cost of repairing
  • fibers are arranged three-dimensionally and uniformly throughout the mixture
  • are not harmful to humans, nor in the application process, nor later for residents of buildings

  • all types of concrete
  • screed and mortar
  • basement walls
  • curbs
  • swimming pools
  • pool bottoms
  • garage entrances

Preparation and dosing:
  • Polypropylene fibers are added to the dry mix or immediately after dosing water
  • Ideal mixing time is 1 minute/m3 concrete
  • Results in a homogeneous, easily workable mix
  • Mixtures with fiber can be pumped or "sprayed"
  • For easier processing it is recommended to apply from

polipropilenska vlakna
Polypropylene fibers are from 12 to 18 mm long, packed in the bags of 600 to 900 g.

1 bag = 1 m3 concrete
PP 12/600
PP 12/900
PP 18/900

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