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Ria Art Line

About the product

Ria Art Line is a product we are especially proud of, it was designed as an addition to interior design. It is a stencil which you can tape on your wall and easily, using just a paint roller, apply the wanted motive directly to your wall.


Advantage of this kind of wall decore is that you don't have to be an artist, or have a steady hand, anyone can do this. It is a much better solution than those pesky wall stickers, because when you decorate your wall with a Ria Art Line stencil it will never come off, unlike the wall stickers which come off after a few months leaving sticky residue on the wall leaving you with no choice but to repaint the room.
When using Ria Art Line stencils you are painting the wall directly, in a color of your choice. You can use only one color (which is the simplest method), or multiple (which is a bit harder to pull off but the result is amazing). For the application we recommend using interior acrylic paint like Jupol, Jupol gold, Jupol briljant, Poliflor, Poliflor plus, Kemopol, Kemopol premium and similar which we can also offer from our assortment in several thousand colors, made right on the spot with computer mixers.


Ria Art Line stenciles are compiled into 3 categories, simple lined Light bit more complicated Standard and very detailed Exclusive. For parents we also made a separate category Kids also sorted by the detail of the motives.


Prices vary depending on the detail of the motive. If you want a custom stencil the price is provided on demand, also by the detail of the motive. If you send us your idea we will first let you know the price and only than if you agree continue with the manufacturing process.
Also, for every stencil you can define a dimension which fits your room. When one dimension is changed the other will adjust accordingly to keep the stencil from stretching and deforming the motive.
Delivery and packaging is paid 30 kn for every delivery inside Croatia.
Currently we don't offer international shipping on the webshop so it will be disabled for customers outside of Croatia. If you live outside of Croatia and want to buy a stencil please contact us via E-mail or the contact form and we will do our best to help you get that stencil to you.

Want Ria Art Line stencils in your store?

For larger orders please contact us via e-mail or phone so we can offer you a special discounted price and agree on delivery and costs.

Buyer perks

We encourage to contact us with your ideas, suggestions and questions so we can build an even better product for you.
Help us turn your home in a oasis of happiness.
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