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Ria Art Line / Application instructions

Welcome to the world of Ria Art Line stencils!

1. Step - Preparing the wall

The wall has to be solid and smooth.You can check the strength of the background by cutting a small corner from the stencil and applying it to the wall. Now just remove the foil and if you didn't pull the color of the wall with the foil than the background should be strong enough.
The background has to be smooth. If it is not the edges of the stencil will leak the paint under it and the motive will have rugged edges once the stencil is removed.
Before taping the stencil on the wall, the wall has to be cleaned with a clean rag to remove dust particles to keep it as tidy as possible. It would be best if the stencil would be taped on a recently painted wall (dry).
The stencil has to stand packed in the room where it will be applied atleast 6 hours before taping it so it can adjust to the temperature of the room. Do not expose the stencil to direct heat.

2. Step - Preparing the stencil

Lay the stencil on a clean flat surface and using the wallpaper application spatula with careful firm moves cover the whole stencil. This way you can make the layers stick better together, they may unstick during the transport.

3. Step - Taping the stencil on the wall

Remove the back (white) layer of the stencil from the top down to about 5-10cm and tape it on the wanted wall position. Now that it is in place, use the wallpaper spatula and start pressing the taped part to the wall while taking the white layer off slowly with your other hand. When the whole stencil is taped on the wall use the wallpaper spatula and press the stencil in even more.

4. Step - Removing the top layer

Slowly remove the top layer (transparent) from the stencil watching out for any stencil part which my stick to the transparent layer. If you pull a piece of the stencil off with the top layer just press it in better with the spatula and try again. After removing the transparent layer pass trough the edges of the stencil with a cloth, this will prevent paint spillage.

5. Step - Painting

You can use a brush or a paint roll, use an acrylic interior color, but we suggest you use a thick color for best results (ex. jupol gold, kemopol premium, poliflor extra, dulux). If the motive is really close to the edge of the stencil use masking tape to cover the edges. Paint the wall on the location of the stencil. Apply the paint in 2-3 layers.
The stencil is waterproof so it will not leak paint.
If you are doing a multicolor application we suggest you have a seperate brush/roll for each color. The reason for this is that you have to take the stencil off as soon as you can after apply it so the color won't dry and leave rugged edges.

6. Step - Removing the stencil

When you cover every bit of the stencil you have to try and get the stencil off as soon as you can, it has to be removed before the stencil dries.
If you have a small paint leak on any place on the application use a small sharp object to remove the rugged edge. If you color the outside wall by accident use sandpaper and scratch lightly to remove it.

When you apply your Ria Art Line to your wall, feel free to leave an image of your work in our user submitted image section. here.
If you have any more questions about this product, please check out our video instructions. If those don't answer your question, please don't hesitate to contact us via e-mail:, or using our telephone number 042/642-120.

Usage instructions (PDF):

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